Saxley Court, Horley update – March 16

Bastien Jack are pleased to announce and welcome Joseph Gilbert as Project Manager, he will drive the Saxley Court project forward as one construction phase with Bastien Jack Limited leading as Main Contractor.

Due diligence of sub contractors aligned to the project continued during March.  We take great care to ensure the correct contractors are appointed who have a reliable track record, where we can be confident of the quality of work and the programme can be delivered as scheduled.

Please review the proposed development:

Saxley Court walkthrough video

We are still on track to deliver the project by September 17.

Warm regards



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Saxley Court, Horley update – February 16

The team are now pleased to confirm we have the necessary Party Wall Licences and Access agreements to allow us to demolish part of the existing structure and commence the development at Saxley Court. We have also secured sales for 31 apartments and the legal exchanges will be sealed over the next couple of weeks.

It has been necessary to have lead in period for this project. In the past Bastien Jack developments have been smaller and work has started on site as soon we have legally completed. Saxley Court is a lot larger and more complex meaning we couldn’t have started this site as soon as we purchased it. We have tenants in five existing and trading retail units which we need to accommodate throughout the project.

The design also fills the whole site, therefore building up the to the curtilage requires license awards form our neighbours both freehold and leasehold before we can begin. After we bought the site last year, we embarked on the process of obtaining the necessary licenses/agreements. Unfortunately, there is no time limit for a neighbour to agree or disagree to the licenses, it’s down to the appointed surveyors to carefully negotiate and agree consideration payments. It is therefore difficult to account for a timeframe and include this into a lead in programme. For simple non contentious requests it takes three months to agree an award from the point of issuing the request, however Saxley Court was not a straightforward application.

As well as the Party Wall Awards, the project was further complicated by initial requests to develop in two phases. This created more planning considerations and practical methodology to ensure the build was achievable. We are now able to consider the conversion of the existing building and new build section in one phase, which will assist us in practical construction and successfully accommodate the existing retail units.

Bastien Jack has the experience to alter its entity, we have split up the development into separate Sub Contractor packages where Bastien Jack takes the role of Main Contractor and we’ll drive the project with a full time Site Manager and site staff, overseen and supported by our Project Manager. Firm labour and material prices for the defined sub-contractor works are being gained, we’ll award accordingly and commence on site with the knowledge the project will deliver all the objectives previously communicated.

With the benefit of this knowledge, we projected to commence on site in January 2016, we will now look to commence as soon as Sub Contractors have been appointed and conclude by September 2017.



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Saxley Court, Horley update – Nov 15


The Design Team Meetings are now over, we have been able to solve many issues to reduce overall risk and prepare the project for a great start.  We are out to tender and have been able to provide our contractors with robust and comprehensive design drawings and specification to assist in an accurate price and programme.

img_0687 horley-3d-option-d-10-02 fullsizerender

Our surveyors are in their final stages of negotiating Party Wall Agreements with our neighbours which will allow us to commence with the construction phase once a suitable Main Contractor has been selected.







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Saxley Court, Horley update – Sept 15

As with all Bastien Jack sites, we are working hard to maximise our plot in Horley to ensure we can provide the best development possible.  We are building right up to the boundary to accommodate 43 one and two bedroom apartments, as a result a lot of tenacity and blue sky thinking behind the scenes by the design team has ensured to overcome many hurdles.

I am pleased to confirm we have come to the end of this phase and construction drawings are now released to our Quantity Surveyor to prepare a full specification and Bills Of Quantities.  Our Surveyors are progressing well with their negotiations to agree Party Wall Licences, the notices have already been served on all our neighbours, we hope to have positive confirmation within the normal legal timescales.

Off plan sales are going very well and we have taken reservations for 30 apartments to date

We are on target and on programme.

Rick Nicholls

Project Manager






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Horley Site Update – July 15

All the work at Horley is behind the scenes in that the construction drawings, pricing, legal agreements, negotiations with the council and the neighbours is all going on to plan, it’s just there isn’t much to see on-site.

The 2 offices on the first and second floor to the front have been stripped ready for conversion.


Various ground tests have been carried out to the rear on the car park to determine the type of foundation required at the site.  It appears the conditions are favourable so it’s likely we’ll use a raft design.

We have some indicative CGI which doesn’t quite show the correct materials or landscaping, but it gives you an idea of the structure, massing and scale of the building;





Mick Rawlinson

Managing Director

Bastien Jack Ltd


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