Decision Notice issued! – July 17

It is with great pleasure the team would like to announce the final reserved matter for full planning at our King’s Lynn site has been granted.  We now have full planning permission and are eager to legally complete on the land so we can commence on site as soon as possible.

We have been working pro actively in the background whilst waiting for the planning decision and have a main contractor in place with which we are developing a great working relationship.  We have also appointed a strong sales agent so we can commence marketing as soon as the first show house is complete.

We are very excited about this project and are growing trusted working relationships with our operational and consultant team.

Today has been a busy day on site with ground penetrating radar to ascertain the exact position of a pumped main which crosses the site, which will assist the main contractor with their setting out.

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King’s Lynn Site Report – January 2017

The skip tests are now complete and have given us the results that we hoped for.  The data is with the structural engineers who are making the required modifications to the foundation details.

We are slightly re-designing the layout of three bedroom houses to align them to the local demand.  Our architect and structural engineers are busy re-engineering the scheme to provide the local market properties that work both from a functional and aesthetic point of view.  We are currently talking to contractors with a view to starting on site in the next couple of months.

The housing market in King’s Lynn is still very buoyant and we have agents standing by who are confident of selling the houses off plan at a good rate.

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King’s Lynn Site Report – November 2016

From the small number of queries received via the planning portal, all Planning and Highways issues have been addressed and the proposed site plans amended to suit.  These include a new cycle path and additional parking on the site.  Unfortunately, the final Planning Permission decision has been pushed back to January due to the high work load in the planning office but we are confident that it will be granted in January as we have satisfied all of the requests and issues.

The skip tests are still going well with minimal movement recorded.

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King’s Lynn Site Report – October 2016

The skip tests are going well.  There is minimal movement in the skips suggesting that we may be able to use strip foundations which will save on time and cost.  We would expect to see the majority of the movement in the first few weeks of the tests.

We have excavated the surface water drainage chamber and cleared the drainage route into the Bawsey Drain adjacent to the site.  The drain is working well.  This will be re-used for the surface water from the site.

The planners have requested additional time to review our application, there are no contra indicators at this point, moreover an overwhelming number of planning applications for the area with a reduced number of planners being able to process them.  This demonstrates an eagerness to invest in the area.


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King’s Lynn Site Report – September 2016

We have received the soil investigation reports and bore holes have been drilled to ascertain the type of foundations that are required.  We are currently planning to use raft foundations as it is believed that this method suits the ground on the site.  We have, however, started doing skip tests this month to better determine the type of foundations to use.  This involves preparing the ground in four locations around the site, placing a 1m² concrete pad on the ground and then placing a skip weighted with eight tons of sand on the pad.  We then measure the level of the skips over the coming months to see if they sink into the ground.  The amount that they sink by will determine if we can use strip foundations or have to use raft.  The test simulated the amount of force that a house will place on the ground.

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King’s Lynn Site Report – July 2016

Our planning application is on the local authority portal, no objections or queries so far.  The site on Edward Benefer Way has been empty for over twenty years.  It has been an eyesore for locals and our residential housing scheme will vastly improve the area and create some desirable housing that helps meet the high demand in the area.

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King’s Lynn Site Report – June 2016

Our Planning application for reserved matters is in within our contract allotted time, we are due consideration on or before 28th October.  With a severe lack of housing in the Kings Lynn area our development will create high quality houses that will be in high demand.  We aim to not simply create another estate but a community that people will enjoy living in.

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King’s Lynn update – May16

The team are delighted to report the acquisition of a new site in Kings Lynn Norfolk.  The site is a 6 Acre high profile site within very easy walking distance to the Town Centre and train station. It has outline planning permission for 98 homes, the team are progressing with appointed architect to progress and submit for full planning later in the year.  A pre-application meeting with the planning officer has already taken place, the outcomes of which have been worked into the site plan.

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